Health Philosophy

Naturopathy allows the individual to gain a greater understanding of how their body uniquely reacts to the various elements encountered in daily life. As this knowledge grows the individual is empowered with the mastery of how to care for their body, what the best foods are to feed it, how to nurture it and ultimately how to heal it. In this way the naturopathic healing system is also an educational system for the individual as their journey back to wellness continues. Its quite a freeing thought knowing “you are in control.” You, can be happy in health.

Herbal Medicine

Used for thousands of years by most known cultures to assist in healing.  Today herbalists take from both traditional and scientifically based practice to treat alone or with any medications you may be taking. 


A Naturopath may use a range of different healing modalities to bring the body back to optimum health and wellness. 






General Articulating Therapy

Muscle Energy Therapy

Pain Relief 

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