Natural Medicine

Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine
  • Treating most health conditions.  

  • Mental health support Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar

  • Pain syndromes Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain

  • Skin disorders

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Stress 

  • Individualised nutrition plans for health conditions, weight loss and healthy aging 

  • Detoxification programs 


Naturopathic medicine is derived from the healing power of nature and is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability. Using a range of modalities such as nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy and exercise to bring the body back to optimum health and wellness. Working with the Mind as well as the Body we can bring the body into balance. Naturopathy allows the individual to gain a greater understanding of how their body uniquely reacts. As this knowledge grows the individual is empowered with the mastery of how to care for their body, how to nurture it and ultimately how to heal it. In this way the naturopathic healing system is also an educational system for the individual as their journey back to wellness continues. Its quite a freeing thought knowing “you are in control.” 


Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years by most known cultures to enhance healing from injury and from disease and to assist the body in times of stress.  Today herbalists take from both traditional and scientifically based practice to provide you with a comprehensive treatment that can work alone or with any medications you may be taking. Herbal tinctures are the best way to take the herbs as they are absorbed better and can be individualized to you. They can be taken in tablet or capsule form. 

The Benefits of Massage

Relaxation massage helps de-stress and loosen up your body and is great for those who have had a hard working week or feel like treating themselves to some TLC! The treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure. It is a pain-free way to relax both your muscles and your mind.

Therapeutic massage is deeper and is used with GAT and MET to realign and restore movement to areas of injury or pain. This one is not really pain free. “As they say no pain no gain.” Sometimes there is pain when the muscle is resistant to release.

Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful choice for prenatal care and relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and oedema (or swelling).

General Articulating Therapy (GAT) is a system that moves the joints of the body, to improve range of motion, postural deviations or misalignment, release muscle tension and improve recovery times and performance.

  • Improve the range of motion and function of restricted joints.

  • Improve functional postural deviations and misalignment.

  • It may improve performance in athletes and aids recovery.

  • It helps to release muscle tension and improve muscular skeletal conditions or diseases.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is a manual therapy that uses the gentle muscle contractions of the patient to relax and lengthen muscles and normalize joint motion.

Lymphatic drainage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. Used to reduce swelling and improve the immune system.


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