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NICE CREAM - aka nice ice cream, is an ideal alternative for those who are vegan, dairy free, lactose intolerant or those looking for a healthier way to enjoy their favourite snack. Many people already use bananas as a base for their smoothies, but don't realise you can create your favourite cold, creamy, sweet treat ice cream using these gems as well.

Bananas are such a staple food source all over the world. According to the National Geographic, they are the worlds highest consumed fruit, account for 75% of the tropical fruit trade & more than a hundred billion are eaten annually.

Bananas are also a super food with some amazing benefits:

Contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, Manganese and Potassium but low in fats and sodiumHigh levels of tryptophan which fights depressionRegulate blood sugars and reduces stress #winning. Fights against type 2 diabetes, kidney cancer and macular degenerationAids digestion and removes toxins, mainly heavy metals, from the bodyNatural antacid for reflux and heartburnPacts as a prebiotic to pro ore healthy bacteria in the bodyWorks as a natural calcium absorber so calcium you consume is not wasted.

Now can you see why you should jump on board and make some creamy goodness with these incredible fruits?


For your basic (N)ice-cream recipe, your going to need:

- 2 x frozen bananas (broken up into chunks)

- Vanilla essence

- Almond milk (or any other milk alternative of your choice)


- In a high speed blender or food processor, add all the above ingredients, using only a dash of almond milk, to create more creaminess.

- Your banana’s will go to a breadcrumb texture before whipping themselves into creamy ice cream.

- Once you have reached this stage, you can add in any flavour combos, protein powders, collagen etc.

Some of my favourite flavour ideas are:

- Cacao powder

- Peanut butter + cinnamon

- Banana and mango

- Strawberry and freeze dried cherry

- Cacao and fresh blueberries.

Once made you can top this baby with all your fave goodies like buckwheat, coconut sugar, fruit, cacao nibs etc for a full on bowl of goodness to give you that healthy feeling inside and out.

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