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Nails & Internal Health

Our entire outward appearance can be a good indication of what is going on internally with your health. Your hair, skin and nails, are like flowers. How they 'bloom' depends on the growing and nourishing environment they are in. If internally you are not healthy, your 'flowers' aka nails, won't flourish as well as they would if you were healthy.

Healthy nails should be smooth, with consistent colouring and grow at an even rate. Nail abnormalities are common, and most issues can be treated very easily with he right diet, lifestyle changes & supplements.

Here are some common nail signs and their potential meanings;

  • Brittle nails that split easily may be a sign of fatty acid, protein, Vitamin A, iron or calcium deficiency.

  • White flecks / lines Zinc or Vitamin B6 deficiency

  • Dry Nails B12 deficiency

  • Split nails or nails that split very easily may be caused by hydrochloric acid deficiency in the stomach

  • White Bands across the nails, orange nails, may be caused by a dietary protein, Vitamin C or Folic Acid deficiency

  • Pale nails may occur due to iron deficiency, or protein deficiencies seen in anaemia, kidney or liver disorders.


  • Zinc - Grass fed met, seafood, chicken, eggs, pepitas, sunflower seeds, nuts, raw cacao & tahini.

  • Omega-3 fats / essential fatty acids - Oily fish, flax & chia seeds, walnuts, avocados, evening primrose oil, wheatgerm oil & dark leafy vegetables

  • Silica - Oats, bananas, leeks, green beans, brown rice, strawberries, asparagus, onions, celery, cucumber, slippery elm powder & rhubarb.

  • Iron - red meat, fish, lentils, eggs & green leafy vegetables.

  • Protein - Nuts, seeds, red meat, fish, organic chicken & eggs, yoghurt, legumes.

  • B Vitamins - Legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, red meat, fish, dairy & eggs

  • Sulphur - Egg yolks, poultry, grass fed meat, fish, garlic, onion & brassica vegetables.

If you would like to book in to see Christina to assess your nail & overall health, please book in here.

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