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Thai Chilli Stirfry

As summer is starting to tantalizingly come closer to us here in New Zealand, so is fresh flavour’s and produce. We are so lucky that there is an abundance of food varieties available to us here from all over the world, allowing us to experience another’s culture right in our own kitchen!

One personal favourite flavor palette over summer is oriental inspired foods. The oriental cultures have created the perfect balance between heat, savoury, sweet and herbs that give such inspiration to dishes no matter what they create.

This Thai Chilli Stirfry can be adapted to be a lighter meal by tossing fresh greens such as rocket or spinach through it, or create it as a winter warming staple by adding in rice as a carbohydrate source.


· Stirfry veges (courgette, beans, carrots, capsicum, red onion etc)

· Rocket or spinach (if creating a salad)

· Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green grapes, radish (if creating a salad)


· 2 large raw chillies finely sliced (or ¼ C sweet chilli sauce)

· 3tbsp olive oil

· 2 tbsp fresh lime juice

· 1 tbsp coconut sugar

· 3tbsp Tamari or soy sauce

· 1 crushed garlic glove

· 1 knob raw grated ginger

· 1 bunch EACH of fresh mint, basil & coriander


· Place rice on to cook according to instructions (basmati or jasmine work best, omit rice if creating a salad)

· Slice up all stirfry vegetables and cook in a hot frying pan until al dente and slightly chargrilled.

· In a bowl whisk together of the sauce ingredients including the fresh herbs, however keep some coriander aside for garnish.

· Toss the sauce through the vegetables, and coat evenly, increasing the sauce recipe if you desire.

· If creating a salad, toss the sauce through salad ingredients.

· Serve over steamed rice & garnish with extra coriander, sesame seeds and lime wedges.

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